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The landscape, the people


Have you ever stopped to listen to birdsong?

One instantly understands the harmony that surrounds the countryside.

Man’s work has shaped the earth and the earth reciprocates every day with all its beauty.

Birdsong confirms this perfect accord.

The landscape, the people merge in an intimate balance, a deep well-being.

Every corner of Santa Vittoria speaks of this balance.

Come and find out!

The landscape, the people


Who we are

At Santa Vittoria you are welcomed by a family, eager to take care of the time you spend in our hills.

A glass of wine, a smile, an old story or a piece of good advice are never lacking.

The apartments

The restaurant


Knowledgeable hands, with care and passion, transform the produce of our land into the appetising food we serve at our tables.

An art that has been handed down for generations and preserves ancient Tuscan recipes.

Hunting reserve


The garden

From every part of Santa Vittoria it is easy to enjoy an evocative panorama and be caressed by the wind and sun.

One can admire Volterra comfortably seated under the porch or take a swim in the pool overlooking the surrounding hills.


Contact us

S.P. 15 km 7,850 Località Molino d’Era - 56048 Volterra (Pisa)

Mob. +39 348 5613670   +39 348 5613672   Tel. 0588 33 071


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